Please click on and print up our MGK Handbook for general information on MGK, our racing information and rules! 

MGK Handbook Revised 2023


Memorial Go Kart Inc. (MGK) racing takes place June through August on select Wednesday nights at Slinger Super Speedway in Slinger, WI. The small tri-oval shaped MGK go kart track is located inside the World’s Fastest 1/4 Mile Oval!

MGK racing is ENTRY LEVEL go karting with a TEAM approach. Our program is perfect for youth/parents with no prior racing exposure or experience! Some youth can join existing teams if spots are available and others can try to get an MGK kart of their own.  

MGK Racing allows multiple racers (age 7-18) to race the same kart in one of 7 different divisions.


MGK offers 7 divisions are first based on age, second based on skill level. See our Handbook above for more details on divisions.  

Purple (minimum age 7)

Yellow   (minimum age 7 and/or completed Purple) (New in 2023!)

Orange (minimum age 8 and/or completed Yellow)

Red (minimum age 10 and/or completed Orange)

White (minimum age 12 and/or completed Red)

Blue (minimum age 14 and/or completed White)

Green (minimum age 16 and/or completed Blue) 


MGK Karts are custom built to a specific design so all karts are equal. Some karts are owned by local businesses or organizations, others are privately owned. As you can see from the pictures our karts have a roll bar, race seat and racers are held in by a safety harness which is unique when compared to many other forms of go kart racing.  

MGK owns all race engines and teams receive their race engine when they arrive to the track. This part of our program helps youth build mechanical skills to learn how to install an engine efficiently and as a team!

MGK engines are 6 horsepower Briggs 13 series 9.5 torque 208cc engines. Teams rent their race engine for a fee of $100 per season which includes all fuel and maintenance on the engine. This is the only cost of our program to teams outside of pit passes and any parts purchased for the kart.  


Racers age 7-18 can contact us to try and find a team or, if available, purchase a kart to start a team of their own. Karts come up for sale from time to time. New karts are built by Weld-Fab in Slinger and can purchased upon request through MGK. If you are looking to join a team or possibly purchase a kart please send us a message HERE. There is a waiting list for racers to join existing teams, but we do our best to get kids into karts!

Racers need an approved racing helmet and neck brace (see handbook), driving or mechanics gloves, long pants, long socks and a long sleeved shirt to race. Just pay for a $15 pit pass and go racing.   


#1: IMPORTANT! In order for youth age 7-17 to run a kart on the track at Slinger Super Speedway (or even enter the pit area) a Minor Release Waiver must be completed correctly!  Slinger Super Speedway will provide these important waivers to be filled out BY BOTH PARENTS and the racer in front of a notary or Slinger Speedway staff.

Contact Lynn Wagner from Slinger Super Speedway at slingersuperspeedwaymarketing@gmail.com to arrange for a waiver to be filled out. Any siblings or crew under 18 who may attend need to fill this waiver out as well.   

#2: An MGK Information Form (1) and Emergency-Medical Form (1) must be filled out and turned in. You can print and fill out below. 

Racer-Parent Information Form MGK

Emergency-Medical Form MGK     

Any questions, concerns or problems with the forms please let us know HERE